CRUSUS An Educational, Research and Business Consulting Network oriented to Sustainability bl53 AN ANALYSIS OF THE CONTRIBUTION OF FLIGHT ROUTE AND AIRCRAFT TYPE...   In the airlines sector, the reduction of fuel consumption became a major  global target due to the recent surge in oil prices. Aircraft emissions have  also been gaining importance, particularly in the European...Read more.  EVENTS PUBLICATION
EVENTS The   summer   school   will   address   how  energy security and climate change issues have  been  affecting  various  communities more SUMMER SCHOOL: AZORES ISLAND, PORTUGAL Students and professionals are welcome to  join this summer course lead by an  international group of experts focused in  the main challengesof the aviation sector  within the context of  more  Intranet Crusus is a platform where you can find more informations about the Crusus’s summer school, courses’s material and publications. SUMMER SCHOOL: LISBON, PORTUGAL
A clip from the Discovery Channel series 'Building the Future' series 1 episode 1- The Search for Ultimate Energy. This clip looks at proposed wind turbines in the sea. OPPORTUNITIES OUR PARTNERS INTRANET CRUSUS What is CRUSUS? CRUSUS is organitation that intends to be part of  the effort on educating and orienting people for  improving the sustainability awareness in all  sectors of activities. Basically, CRUSUS was  conceived to become a reliable “All-in-One”  learning, research and communication platform  for promoting economic development, social  justice and environment protection...Read more